Guide to Booking our Events

Please have a read of this guide, even if you've previously booked an event with ESSA. We've made some changes which should make it more intuitive for you to book an event and easier to use.

While you still need to have an account in order to book an event, we've made it easier for you to set up, and the details you will be asked for will be used during the event booking process.

How to Book an Event

Go to the Events page to find a list of Upcoming Events. This page also gives you the ability to see the Events in a Calendar format, and to Request an Event if you would like us to create a custom event for you or your group.

  • Find the course or event you want, select the number of tickets you need and click "Add to Event Cart" then "Proceed to Registration".
  • Account Information

  • Existing account holders

    If you have previously used the system, enter your Username and Password, and click "Proceed to Attendee Information".

  • Non-account holders

    • Click "Create an Account". Enter your information and click "Create Account" at the bottom of the page.
    • Enter your Username and Password and click "Log In".
    • Click "Continue to the Event Checkout process" and "Proceed to Registration".
  • All users

    You should now be on the Registration Checkout page which requests details we need for your Event Booking.
    Some of the information will already have been completed. Either you entered it when you created your account, or when you made a previous booking.
    If you'd like to change this information, for this and future bookings, go to Edit my account, make your changes and click "Update Account".
    Add requested information that you know at this stage, make sure you have ticked the checkboxes, and click "Proceed to Payment Options".
    For group bookings, about a month before the event we will request that participant information be completed on a downloadable form and the completed form brought with you to the event.

  • Promotional Codes

    If ESSA has sent you a Promotion Code for the Event, you should add it on this page and click "Submit Promotion Code". If it is a valid code, the page will be redrawn and show you the revised price.

  • Payment Methods

    Select your Method of Payment and click "Proceed to Finalize Registration".

Request an Event

A new page that allows you to enquire about an activity if you don't see any events we are already running that meet your needs. Please use this form in preference to the contact form for this purpose.


View a calendar that shows our upcoming events on a month-by-month basis. You can filter the events by their type, so eg if you are only interested in Sailing, you can opt to be shown only Sailing events.

Account Pages

  • Account - not logged in

    You will be asked for your username or email, and password. You can follow the link on the page to get your password reset if you have forgotten it. The Forgotten Password page also gives a link to a page from which you can retrieve your username if you've forgotten that.

  • Account - logged in

    From your Account page, there are links to logout, change your password and to Edit your account.

  • Edit my Account

    Edit my Account includes the Address and Phone number details that are required during the Event Booking process.
    If you have added the name of a Scout, Guide or Youth Group, it's also recorded on this page. You can check or change these details yourself. If you have previously booked an event with us, we will have copied this information from the most recent booking.