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ESSA Water Activities Centre
Registered Charity No: 1025713

Traditional Rafting

Taster Sessions

Come and try traditional rafting! If you're part of a group, see our Groups page to see what you can achieve.

Leadership Courses

Teach your group and have more fun with rafting. Be creative with your Permit and run a District Raft Race day.

Taster Sessions

General information

This activity encourages teamwork, cooperation and problem solving, as well as testing out your knowledge of knots and the concepts of building items from scratch.

It's always useful to practice your knots before you come. We use a clove hitch, square lashing and a reef knot.

What will you learn?

Taster Session content

Click here to find the taster session plan

There is no charge for Leaders but it would be helpful if they can assist with the building.
If you have any Leaders who haven't built rafts before, we can run a half day training before the event (see below).

Session recommendations

Evening or part of a multi-activity day. 

If you have a large group, come for a full day and see our Groups page for creative rafting ideas. We have enough equipment for up to 11 rafts.

Under 10 years old (or smaller youths) -
Stable rafts using 2 windsurf boards and 4 poles.

Over 10 years old -
Traditional rafts using 4 barrels and 6 poles

Leadership Courses

Traditional Rafting Permit

The Permit (including Scout Leadership Permit - LINK) enables you to take groups out on our B1 class water.
You will become the leader, able to safely deliver a session and have good group control.
You will construct a safe raft, launch, load and paddle different strokes to enable you to pass on the knowledge to your group.


½ day

Course Content

Click here to find the syllabus



Most troops are able to claim the cost from their Group or District funds as this training is suitable for the Traditional rafting Permit to Lead.

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