Covid Procedures

If you would like to see our full Covid RYA response document please click here.

What will be different for you?

Upon arrival...

Please wait at the gate where a crew member will take your temperature with a non-contact thermometer.

If your temperature is over 38C we cannot allow you onsite.

Wash your hands at the designated sinks.

Choose a bench and relax while others turn up.

We will then run through the organisation of the day. You will also find out who your instructor for the day is and any activity-specific information.

After that, it's back to having fun on the water!

At lunchtime, our tuck shop is still open but we are operating a queuing system with 1 person at a time in the shop.

Please note that at this stage our showers are not available.

new sinks

General approach to sessions

Group bookings: We separate booked groups in different areas of the site. We assume that
the person making the booking is controlling the group in accordance with the current
government regulation on group bubbles.

Individual bookings: The government sets the number of people who can meet outside from different households. The number in this group includes an instructor.

Some activities are not available as it would not be possible to maintain social distancing for you and our instructors.

Activities currently not available are:

  • Dragon Boating
camp site area

What's changed overall?

  1. We've introduced washing capabilities across all of our slipways enabling us to wash our craft down between users.
  2. We regularly disinfect as much of the centre and equipment as possible. This is in addition to the regular cleaning carried out by the team.
  3. We've built a set of socially distanced outdoor sinks for hand hygiene with no need to enter the toilets.
  4. We've created a more thorough and robust triple wash and rinse for our loan kit that is then set aside before going back into circulation.
  5. We have non-contact thermometers to check people's temperature before they come on site.
  6. Our instructors and volunteers are updated regularly on the current best practice from the governing bodies and government.
  7. Social distancing has been introduced to all of our activities.
  8. We've introduced two new methods of operation. This is in order to manage social distancing.
  9. Masks and gloves are available on site and are also found in the first aid kits.
  10. All our outdoor furniture has been separated to meet social distancing rules.
  11. Importantly none of our procedural changes go against the best practice given out by the sporting governing bodies and the government, ensuring we are continuing to provide a safe environment for our patrons.